This cartoon, which attempts to illustrate the impossibility of creating humor in a highly politically-correct climate, comes on the heels of a previous cartoon that elicited a few highly charged complaints.

Firstly, this Letter to the Editor from Susan Bean with this response from Brent Brown. Mountain Xpress created an article named Red Letter Subject on their web site, but it gained little participation. The letter and response was followed the next week by an extremely rare positive letter by Jessica Newton and a very negative letter by offended advertiser, Joshua Lawton. The resulting comments on both the Mountain Xpress site and the Facebook comments there also, explore the charges and refutation of them in more detail than can be concisely summed up here.

Safe to say, this cartoon about what it takes to achieve truly, universal inoffensiveness was potentially offensive and just illustrates the old aphorism about pleasing all people all of the time.


Cartoon originally published in the Asheville, NC alt weekly paper, “The Mountain Xpress”.

© 2013 – Brent Brown, Brent Brown Graphix