This week’s cartoon complements the Mountain Xpress cover story which examines the current physician shortage affecting all but Madison in the 16-county region, and also explores the culpability of recent proposed state cuts to programs that provide low cost and accessible health care via state funds and medicaid combined with bills to refuse the state’s portion of federal funds for implementing the new mandated health care reform initiatives and how that affects the … okay, the point was…. encouraging people to come to Geek Out that Saturday at the Sherrill Convention Center at the UNCA campus and, perhaps, if they are interested in this cartoon they would also stop by my booth in Artist Alley to buy a paperback copy of my new book of MX comic compilations, one of a few old Fanaticon posters, or magnets and notebooks with my Lara vs. Indy painting on them, or just the live exhibitions of me drawing people’s caricature for money, or (more likely) sitting down and looking at an iPad screen.

It, of course, turned out to be much of the latter. Some people got their caricatures drawn but no one was interested in the book of these cartoons. I thought people just needed to see it first, but a few people actually took an interest enough to pick one up and flip through it and then sat it back down and left. So I can’t blame it on ignorance of the content. Turns out that I was kind of deluded in overestimating the appeal of this cartoon. I mean, I knew it only had a finite, local audience, but even that audience wants no part of it, so that’s kind of humbling. The kind of hard-won info I need to learn to decide what to pursue and what not to invest any more time and money into.

Apparently, this cartoon is not one of those things. At least the domain only cost me 99¢! At least for the first year. See? Now I know which domains not to renew!