North Carolina’s newly introduced Nipple Ban legislation has made some national headlines lately.

This followed on heels of another successful, heavily-attended local NC gun show, where any mention of banning certain types of assault weapons or even improving security at gun shows to prevent serious accidents and deaths similar to other recent gun shows, was met with righteous indignation (“this is an over-reaction to the few incidents around the country lately” was a common response to the idea).

I thought this  joke of misdirection (the reader thinks the  gun guys are talking about deadly weapons and it turns out to be about nipples instead) would draw some parallels to the hypocrisy of the priorities of some threats over others from our legislators and elected officials, while also allowing for the always tempting allure cartoonists have for boob puns.

One note of irony: the strip dealt with the absurdity that nipples are considered a bigger threat than firearms, and sure enough, the paper asked to cover up something in the strip before they would print it. It was not the guns of course.


Cartoon originally published in the Asheville, NC alt weekly paper, “The Mountain Xpress”.

© 2013 – Brent Brown, Brent Brown Graphix