Asheville is in the national news again, as President Obama visits for yet another trip to our mountains. Previous trips showed him to be a fan of local barbecue restaurant, 12 Bones, so people were lined up there, expecting him to show. He did not, though and rushed back to the airport after the photo op at local plant Linamar. I combined all this with the gripes I read online (usually by those not fans of the current president, but also from others) about how bad the traffic is when all is stopped to allow the presidential motorcade through, as well as remarks about how many police and other types of vehicles seem to be needed at the local  tiny airport when such luminaries show up, with the recent notorious inaugural poem by actor/renaissance man and local Warren Wilson College student, James Franco, commissioned by Yahoo. (See it here, if you are not familiar with it.)


Cartoon originally published in the Asheville, NC alt weekly paper, “The Mountain Xpress”.

© 2013 – Brent Brown, Brent Brown Graphix