Comics Relief cartoon by Brent Brown

So, a new statue was unveiled to honor a well-known landscape architect locally, and I had no other straw to grasp, local-cartoon-topic-wise, for the looming local cartoon deadline at the paper.

I thought maybe drawing a correlation between FREDerick LAW Olmsted and the comic book character, Judge “I am the LAW” Dredd would be a funny visual gag, if nothing else. I was probably wrong, and I apologize to all who were confused, annoyed, and otherwise not entertained by this particular swing and a miss.

Other notes:

  • I sort of drew the cartoon in a Matt Bors type of style, but for no better reason than Mr. Bors had also used the Judge Dredd character as a parody of a different real person in a comic strip once as well.
  • The comic provoked one reader to even write in to the paper to criticize the inscrutable nature of it, and to declare that since it provided no way to explain the joke within either the visual cues or dialog contained therein, that the cartoon was a failure. I agree with the letter writer and promise to try to avoid such failures in the future.

Originally printed in the Asheville, NC alt weekly paper: “The Mountain Xpress” and on their web site.


© 2016 – Brent Brown, Brent Brown Graphix